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Product Overview

We manufacture a wide range of photovoltaic solar modules from 5 Wp to 200 Wp. Our modules are built as per industry specifications under Standard conditions and finds extensive usage across a wide range of requirements. Our solar modules are built using only the best components and can withstand a wide variation in weather conditions.


  1. Special style cell interconnects for longevity
  2. Advanced EVA encapsulation for high reliability and long durability
  3. Advanced multi layer back sheet to withstand and Protect from harsh weather conditions
  4. By pass Diodes to minimizepower drop/loss caused by shading
  5. MNRE Approved


  1. A solar PV power plant can significantly reduce expenses on electricity and provide energy independence.
  2. Our solar PV modules are highly durable and require very little maintenance for up to 25 years
  3. Polycrystalline solar modules are ideal for use from small scale to utility scale applications
  4. Our positive tolerance on modules adds value to your investment in the form of higher returns
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