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About us

RRG Energy Pvt. Ltd. one of the fastest growing company in India, and first solar panel manufacturing unit from the UP East, focused on manufacturing & trading in Multi and Mono Crystalline Solar Modules. RRG has steadfastly delivered advanced and excellent products. Over the years the company has established a reputation for making highly reliable photovoltaic modules for various domestic, commercial and Industrial applications.

RRG modules are designed for grid and standalone Solar PV power plants, remote communication and rural electrification for the best performance under diffused Sun light .

RRG seeks to build strong relationships to partners all over the world and meets customers’ requirements with a strong sense of professionalism and accountability. According to this RRG manufactures modules which meet the standards of quality, reliability and durable equal power rating.

Despite all RRG recognizes what all customers are searching for: long-term strength they can rely on and solutions that meet their needs. That’s what RRGfulfills with high quality products and excellent customer service.